Jesus Castanon

Jesus Castanon has accumulated a wealth of real estate experience in his 15 plus years in the business. In these years, Castanon has been responsible for several thousand transactions in both residential, commercial real estate, and finance worth approximately a billion dollars. In 2001, he founded boutique real estate firm, Real Estate Empire Group that specializes in international sales. Castanon has operated offices in The Bahamas, Texas, and all over Florida including Miami, Palm Harbor, Gainesville, Tampa, and Orlando. He also founded Empire Mortgage Service in 2002, the firms lending branch which in 2009 developed into Empire Capital Funding focusing solely on commercial real estate lending. Castanon is well versed in not only the sale aspect of real estate but the finance side as well. He is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) making him part of the elite few real estate professionals who are recognized as global leaders in commercial and investment real estate. He continually trains newly licensed real estate agents in weekly classes on the basics of real estate and the tools needed for longevity in the business. Jesus Castanon is a real estate professional whose real estate knowledge covers a wide spectrum; his expertise includes residential, commercial, and most notably he is an expert in international real estate.

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